Numerology for September 2016: Who and What are We Aligning With?

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of September is the “breakaway” month for the calendar year of 2016. We will have the opportunity to explore our deepest emotional ties, as well as consider who and what we are aligning ourselves with for future endeavors.

This month holds the potential of really getting it right or, being a total disaster. Sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? Well, the number 9 is the most intense number, and September holds a space of double 9‘s. Nine being the month, as well as the overall year (2+0+1+6=9).

You will witness the tendency of people to over-dramatize situations, and potentially act out of character in their response to anything which is challenging. The reason for this is that many past life karmic situations are resolving themselves now. Number 9 represents completion, and we will either find the consciousness to rise above our personal chaos and resolve the issue, or potentially be dragged down by it.

As dramatic as all this sounds, the good news is the process can be easier than you think. We have all been struggling with certain keynote themes and issues. Often times this struggle may sound something like, “When is this person finally going to change, so I can be happy.” Well, that person may never change exactly the way you would like them to, so you can either burn up your creative energy in animosity, or release yourself from the attachment to the drama.

And this is the unusual gift of September. There is a vortex of energy being created through the presence of the double 9’s, that allows us to instantaneously stroll down Memory Lane and revisit the pivotal points of our past. These memories can be happy and cheerful, and they can also be painfully revealing. In the latter case, the revealing is happening so you can make the connection between why you are in the rut you’re in, and how to get out.

If you have ever seen someone stuck in a snow drift, you know there can be the tendency to keep gunning the engine, trying to force the car to move. What really needs to happen is to create a lever (diagonal energy) to shift your position to the resistance. Placing a wood board, rocks, or even cardboard under the car gives the tires a place of traction. Then you can easily get out.

This dynamic of traction is a pivotal theme for September. You need a way, a tool, that allows you to push back against the emotional backwash of the past. If you’re running uphill in a pair of sneakers that have no tread left, you have to expend an enormous amount of energy just to barely make any progress at all. Ever see someone living their life like this?

The “Divine Shield Meditation” is an easy, simple way to feel protected and on the right path. Using the prescribed mantra creates a frequency that connects you to the nurturing, protective energy of the Universe. This is how you can keep yourself moving in the right direction.

Another important aspect of September lies in our ability to gauge the dimensions of our personal space, and know when to pull away from danger. The Olympic trials for the U.S. Track and Field team was held last month in Oregon. The women’s 800 Meter race was being televised, and while sitting in a restaurant, I just happened to turn my head to see the race on the TV.

As the runners were rounding the curve, one of the women lost her balance and fell crashing to the ground. Another runner close to her ended up falling down too, and was unable to finish the race with a qualifying time.

I can remember, sitting there in awe, as to how 4 years of sweat, toil, sacrifice, special diet, rigorous training, more sacrifice, etc, all lost because she got too close to someone who was imbalanced. Alysia Montana, the woman who lost her chance for Olympic gold, said after the race, “There’s a lot of healing that has to happen beyond this race.”

Interestingly, another runner, Kate Grace, who was not expected to finish in the top three places ended up winning the race. She said, “I saw (them) tripping—Brenda start to trip, and Alysia start to fall.”

How often in life do we get too close to a person or situation that is unstable, and then wind up going down the tubes with the fallout of it all? Ever been there? This does not mean that you have to turn your back on someone who is faltering, you just need to have the sensitivity and self-awareness to read the field and know your personal boundaries.

If you are a parent, it is critical that you teach your children how to communicate their healthy boundaries. Lectures about what is “good” and “bad” amount to nothing in a child’s world. Give them real communication tools instead.

The ability to have a sharp, quick comeback under pressure is essential. As in, “I’m not stupid enough to take that crap you’re smoking/snorting, I’ve got better things to do with my time, Dimwit.” It’s all about power, and giving your child a way to feel and express their power when cornered or challenged.

Well, this is a lot for September, I know! And, I’ve also saved the best for last. If you can do your homework, kids, the following 3 months of October, November and December can be smooth sailing. There is a lucky aspect in the last 3 months of the year, once you’ve graduated from the “I Love Myself Enough to Meditate” School of Charm and Blessings.

Sat Nam, and kindest blessings to you.

“Learn if you want to live in this Age of Aquarius. Learn to call on yourself, learn to be yourself, learn to vibrate. Let us become prayerful in attitude. Then God will bless us in every field.”
Yogi Bhajan 3-27-1995

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