Names and Pronunciations

Here is a list of spiritual names that are given to people. Use this section to understand the correct pronunciation of your spiritual name.

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • Listen carefully to the sound bite (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
  • Each name listed here has the most common spelling as it is transliterated from Gurmukhi (the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs).
  • Because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi alphabet to the English alphabet, there may be more than one correct way to spell your name. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Yogi Bhajan included the surname “Singh” (male) or “Kaur” (female) after each given name.

Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female, except as indicated.

Listen to the pronunciation of “Singh” or “Kaur”:


If your name is not listed here, please contact us.

Select the first letter of your spiritual name:

名稱ListenAlternate spellings
Abhai Prakashplay
Abnashi Devaplay
Abnashi Dyalplay
Abnashi Kirpalplay
Abnashi Meherplay
Abnashi Preetplay
Abnashi Premplay
Abnashi Simranplay
Abnash Meherplay
Adarsh Priyaplay
Adesh Akalplay
Adesh Amritplay
Adesh Amritaplay
Adesh Atmaplay
Adesh Baniplay
Adesh Chananplay
Adesh Chandplay
Adesh Chanderplay
Adesh Chandraplay
Adesh Charanplay
Adesh Gianplay
Adesh Gopalplay
Adesh Jotiplay
Adesh Kalyanplay
Adesh Karamplay
Adesh Karanplay
Adesh Kirinplay
Adesh Kirtanplay
Adesh Lakhmiplay
Adesh Lakshmiplay
Adesh Namplay
Adesh Narayanplay
Adesh Padmaniplay
Adesh Paramplay
Adesh Pavanplay
Adesh Pritamplay
Adesh Pritiplay
Adesh Priyaplay
Adesh Puranplay
Adesh Rajplay
Adesh Ramplay
Adesh Ramaplay
Adesh Sangatplay
Adesh Sangeetplay
Adesh Seetalplay
Adesh Sevaplay
Adesh Simranplay
Adesh Simritplay
Adesh Siriplay
Adesh Taranplay
Adesh Varanplay
Adesh Vikramplay
Adi Adeshplay
Adi Ajeetplay
Adi Akashaplay
Adi Amritaplay
Adi Anandaplay
Adi Atmaplay
Adi Avtarplay
Adi Bachanplay
Adi Beantplay
Adi Bhagtiplay
Adi Bhagwatiplay
Adi Chananplay
Adi Chandplay
Adi Chandjotplay
Adi Chandpalplay
Adi Chandraplay
Adi Charanplay
Adi Daleepplay
Adi Daljotplay
Adi Dalmeetplay
Adi Dalmiterplay
Adi Dalpreetplay
Adi Dalpremplay
Adi Dalpriyaplay
Adi Dalsaranplay
Adi Darshanplay
Adi Dasjeetplay
Adi Daspalplay
Adi Daspreetplay
Adi Dassplay
Adi Dayaplay
Adi Devaplay
Adi Deviplay
Adi Devjeetplay
Adi Devmeetplay
Adi Devnamplay
Adi Devpalplay
Adi Devpremplay
Adi Devpriyaplay
Adi Devpuranplay
Adi Devtaplay
Adi Dharamplay
Adi Dharmaplay
Adi Dhyanplay
Adi Fatehplay
Adi Gianplay
Adi Giandevplay
Adi Gianjeetplay
Adi Gianjotplay
Adi Gianpreetplay
Adi Gianpremplay
Adi Gobindplay
Adi Gobindeplay
Adi Gopalplay
Adi Harchandplay
Adi Hardassplay
Adi Hardeepplay
Adi Hardevplay
Adi Hardeviplay
Adi Harjeetplay
Adi Harkiranplay
Adi Harkiretplay
Adi Harmeetplay
Adi Harpalplay
Adi Harpreetplay
Adi Harpremplay
Adi Harpriyaplay
Adi Harsimranplay
Adi Indraplay
Adi Jaapplay
Adi Jaapdevplay
Adi Jaideepplay
Adi Jaidevplay
Adi Jaipalplay
Adi Jaipremplay
Adi Jaipriyaplay
Adi Jasdeepplay
Adi Jasdevplay
Adi Jasjotplay
Adi Jaspalplay
Adi Jaspremplay
Adi Jeetplay
Adi Jeetdevplay
Adi Jeetpalplay
Adi Jotplay
Adi Jotdeepplay
Adi Jotdevplay
Adi Jotdevaplay
Adi Jotdeviplay
Adi Jotpalplay
Adi Jotpremplay
Adi Jotpriyaplay
Adi Kalyanplay
Adi Kamalplay
Adi Karamplay
Adi Karanplay
Adi Karanjotplay
Adi Kartaplay
Adi Kartarplay
Adi Kavalyaplay
Adi Kavitaplay
Adi Kevalplay
Adi Kirandeepplay
Adi Kiretplay
Adi Kirinplay
Adi Kirinjotplay
Adi Kirpalplay
Adi Kirtanplay
Adi Krishanplay
Adi Kriyaplay
Adi Livjeetplay
Adi Livmantraplay
Adi Livnamplay
Adi Livpalplay
Adi Livpriyaplay
Adi Mahanplay
Adi Manavplay
Adi Mandevaplay
Adi Mandeviplay
Adi Mandhirplay
Adi Manetplay
Adi Manjeetplay
Adi Manjotplay
Adi Manpreetplay
Adi Manpremplay
Adi Manpriyaplay
Adi Mantraplay
Adi Meherplay
Adi Miterplay
Adi Muktaplay
Adi Namplay
Adi Namdeepplay
Adi Namjeetplay
Adi Namjotplay
Adi Namjotiplay
Adi Nampalplay
Adi Nampremplay
Adi Narayanplay
Adi Navjeetplay
Adi Navjotplay
Adi Nidhanplay
Adi Nirmalplay
Adi Nirvairplay
Adi Onkarplay
Adi Padmaniplay
Adi Paramplay
Adi Partapplay
Adi Parvanplay
Adi Pavanplay
Adi Pavandeepplay
Adi Pavanjotplay
Adi Pratnaplay
Adi Preetplay
Adi Preetdevplay
Adi Premplay
Adi Premdeepplay
Adi Premdeviplay
Adi Premjeetplay
Adi Pritamplay
Adi Pritpalplay
Adi Priyaplay
Adi Puranplay
Adi Qurbanplay
Adi Radhaplay
Adi Rajdeepplay
Adi Rajdevplay
Adi Rajmeetplay
Adi Rajpalplay
Adi Rajpreetplay
Adi Rajpremplay
Adi Rajpritiplay
Adi Rajpriyaplay
Adi Ramplay
Adi Ramaplay
Adi Ramdassplay
Adi Rameshplay
Adi Rampreetplay
Adi Rampriyaplay
Adi Randeepplay
Adi Randeviplay
Adi Randhirplay
Adi Ranjeetplay
Adi Ranpreetplay
Adi Sachplay
Adi Sadhanaplay
Adi Sampuranplay
Adi Sandeepplay
Adi Sandeshplay
Adi Sandevplay
Adi Sangatplay
Adi Sangeetplay
Adi Sangeetaplay
Adi Sanjeetplay
Adi Sanjotplay
Adi Sanpreetplay
Adi Sanpremplay
Adi Sanpritiplay
Adi Sanpriyaplay
Adi Santokhplay
Adi Saranplay
Adi Saraswatiplay
Adi Satpalplay
Adi Satyaplay
Adi Savitriplay
Adi Seemaplay
Adi Seetalplay
Adi Sevaplay
Adi Sevakplay
Adi Shabadplay
Adi Shaktiplay
Adi Shantplay
Adi Shantiplay
Adi Shivaplay
Adi Simranplay
Adi Simratplay
Adi Simritplay
Adi Sitaplay
Adi Sooryaplay
Adi Subaghplay
Adi Sukhdevplay
Adi Sukhpreetplay
Adi Sundertaplay
Adi Sundriplay
Adi Surdeepplay
Adi Surjotplay
Adi Surpreetplay
Adi Surpriyaplay
Adi Taranplay
Adi Tejplay
Adi Tejaplay
Adi Tejdeepplay
Adi Tejpreetplay
Adi Tejpremplay
Adi Tiagaplay
Adi Varanplay
Adi Vedyaplay
Adi Viriamplay
Ad Kirpalplay
Ad Kirtanplay
Ad Nishanplay
Ad Preetplay
Ad Premplay
Ad Purkhplay
Ad Sachplay
Ad Shaktiplay
Ad Shantiplay
Agia Ajeetplay
Agia Akalplay
Agia Amritplay
Agia Atmaplay
Agia Baniplay
Agia Chandraplay
Agia Darshanplay
Agia Devplay
Agia Devaplay
Agia Deviplay
Agia Dyalplay
Agia Gianplay
Agia Hariplay
Agia Jiwanplay
Agia Jotiplay
Agia Kartaplay
Agia Kirtiplay
Agia Krishanplay
Agia Meherplay
Agia Namplay
Agia Piaraplay
Agia Prakashplay
Agia Pritamplay
Agia Pritiplay
Agia Priyaplay
Agia Rajplay
Agia Sangeetplay
Agia Saraswatiplay
Agia Savitriplay
Agia Sevakplay
Agia Shaktiplay
Agia Shantiplay
Agia Simranplay
Agia Sitaplay
Agia Tejplay
Ajai Deviplay
Ajai Devtaplay
Ajai Nidhanplay
Ajai Prakashplay
Ajai Preetplay
Ajai Pritamplay
Ajai Priyaplay
Ajai Puranplay
Ajai Raviplay
Ajai Simritplay
Ajeet Adiplay
Ajeet Akalplay
Ajeet Amritplay
Ajeet Amritaplay
Ajeet Angadplay
Ajeet Atmaplay
Ajeet Avtarplay
Ajeet Bachanplay
Ajeet Baniplay
Ajeet Bhagatplay
Ajeet Bhagtiplay
Ajeet Bhajanplay
Ajeet Bhavanplay
Ajeet Chananplay
Ajeet Chandjotiplay
Ajeet Charanplay
Ajeet Damanplay
Ajeet Dasjotplay
Ajeet Dassplay
Ajeet Dayalplay
AjeetdevplayAjeet Dev
Ajeet Devaplay
Ajeet Deviplay
Ajeet Devjotplay
Ajeet Devnamplay
Ajeet Devpalplay
Ajeet Devpremplay
Ajeet Devrajplay
Ajeet Dharamplay
Ajeet Dharmaplay
Ajeet Dyalplay
Ajeet Fatehplay
Ajeet Gianplay
Ajeet Giandevplay
Ajeet Gobindplay
Ajeet Gopalplay
Ajeet Hardevplay
Ajeet Hardevaplay
Ajeet Hardeviplay
Ajeet Hariplay
Ajeet Harpremplay
Ajeet Harpritiplay
Ajeet Jotiplay
Ajeet Kalyanplay
Ajeet Karamplay
Ajeet Kartaplay
Ajeet Kavalyaplay
Ajeet Kevalplay
Ajeet Kirpalplay
Ajeet Kirtanplay
Ajeet Kirtiplay
Ajeet Krishanplay
Ajeet Krishnaplay
Ajeet Mahanplay
Ajeet Mantraplay
Ajeet Mehtabplay
Ajeet Namplay
Ajeet Navjotplay
Ajeet Nidhanplay
Ajeet Nishanplay
Ajeet Padmaniplay
Ajeet Paramplay
Ajeet Parvanplay
Ajeet Pavanplay
Ajeet Piarplay
Ajeet Piaraplay
Ajeet Premdevplay
Ajeet Premjotplay
Ajeet Prempalplay
Ajeet Premrajplay
Ajeet Pritamplay
Ajeet Pritiplay
Ajeet Priyaplay
Ajeet Puranplay
Ajeet Radhaplay
Ajeet Rajbirplay
Ajeet Rajdevplay
Ajeet Randhirplay
Ajeet Sadhanaplay
Ajeet Saranplay
Ajeet Saraswatiplay
Ajeet Satyaplay
Ajeet Savitriplay
Ajeet Seemaplay
Ajeet Seetalplay
Ajeet Simranplay
Ajeet Sitaplay
Ajeet Sooryaplay
Ajeet Tejplay
Ajeet Teraplay
Ajeet Tiagaplay
Ajeet Vedpremplay
Ajeet Vikramplay
Akal Adiplay
Akal Amarplay
Akal Anandaplay
Akal Angadplay
Akal Arjanplay
Akal Bachanplay
Akal Baniplay
Akal Bodhplay
Akal Chanderplay
Akal Chandraplay
Akal Charanplay
Akal Daleepplay
Akal Darshanplay
Akal Dasjotplay
Akal Daspremplay
Akal Dayaplay
Akal DevplayAkaldev
Akal Deviplay
Akal Devjotplay
Akal Devpreetplay
Akal Devpremplay
Akal Dharamplay
Akal Dyalplay
Akal Gianpreetplay
Akal Gobindeplay
Akal Hardeepplay
Akal Hardevplay
Akal Hariplay
Akal Harjotplay
Akal Harpreetplay
Akal Harpremplay
Akal Jaspreetplay
Akal Jaspremplay
Akal JeetplayAkaljeet
Akal Jiwanplay
Akal Jodhaplay
AkaljotplayAkal Jot
Akal Kavitaplay
Akal Kiretplay
Akal Kirinplay
Akal Kirtiplay
Akal Kriyaplay
Akal Lakshmiplay
Akal Leenplay
Akal Mahanplay
Akal Mandeepplay
Akal Mandeviplay
Akal Manetplay
Akal Manpremplay
Akal Miterplay
Akal Namdevplay
Akal Nampremplay
Akal Narayanplay
Akal Nidhanplay
Akal Nirmalplay
Akal Padmaniplay
Akal Parmeetplay
Akal Paviterplay
Akal Piaraplay
Akal Prakashplay
Akal Premplay
Akal Pritamplay
Akal Pritiplay
Akal Rajplay
Akal Rajpremplay
Akal Rajpriyaplay
Akal Randeepplay
Akal Randeviplay
Akal Randhirplay
Akal Ranpremplay
Akal Ratanplay
Akal Sahaiplay
Akal Sampuranplay
Akal Sandeepplay
Akal Sangatplay
Akal Sangeetaplay
Akal Sanjeetplay
Akal Sanpremplay
Akal Sanpritiplay
Akal Sanpriyaplay
Akal Santokhplay
Akal Saraswatiplay
Akal Savitriplay
Akal Seemaplay
Akal Seetalplay
Akal Sevaplay
Akal Sevakplay
Akal Shaktiplay
Akal Shamaplay
Akal Shantiplay
Akal Sitaplay
Akal Sunderplay
Akal Sundriplay
Akal Tajplay
Akal Tejaplay
Akal Tejpreetplay
Akal Teraplay
Akal Vedyaplay
Akal Vikramplay
Akand Deviplay
Akasha Adiplay
Akasha Bhagtiplay
Akasha Dayalplay
Akasha Devplay
Akasha Devaplay
Akasha Deviplay
Akasha Dyalplay
Akasha Jotplay
Akasha Jotiplay
Akasha Kirinplay
Akasha Kirpalplay
Akasha Kirtanplay
Akasha Meherplay
Akasha Preetplay
Akasha Premplay
Akasha Pritiplay
Akasha Puranplay
Akasha Rajplay
Akasha Sangeetplay
Akasha Sangeetaplay
Akasha Sevaplay
Akasha Sitaplay
Akasha Taraplay
Akasha Teraplay
Aman Atmaplay
Aman Bhagatplay
Aman Bhagtiplay
Aman Bhaktiplay
Aman Daleepplay
Aman Daspalplay
Aman Daspremplay
Aman Dassplay
Aman Gianplay
Aman Gopalplay
Aman Harpremplay
Aman Jiwanplay
Aman Jotiplay
Aman Kavalyaplay
Aman Kirtanplay
Aman-mohanplayAman Mohan
Aman Prakashplay
Aman Pritiplay
Aman Raviplay
Aman Sadhanaplay
Aman Sangeetplay
Aman Sangeetaplay
Aman Saroopplay
Aman Satyaplay
Aman Seetalplay
Aman Shantiplay
Aman Sitaplay
Aman Sooryaplay
Aman Sukhplay
Aman Tiagaplay
Aman Vedyaplay
Amar Adiplay
Amar Akalplay
Amar Atmaplay
Amar Bhagatplay
Amar Bhagtiplay
Amar Darshanplay
Amar Daspreetplay
Amar Devplay
Amar Deviplay
Amar Devpalplay
Amar Dharamplay
Amar Dyalplay
Amar Fatehplay
Amar Gianplay
Amar Gobindeplay
Amar Gopalplay
Amar Harpremplay
Amar Inderplay
Amar Indraplay
Amar Jodhaplay
Amar Kirpalplay
Amar Kirtanplay
Amar Kirtiplay
Amar-mohanplayAmar Mohan, Amarmohan
Amar Namplay
Amar Narayanplay
Amar Nihalplay
Amar Nishanplay
Amar Pavanplay
Amar Prakashplay
Amar Premplay
Amar Pritamplay
Amar Pritiplay
Amar Pritpalplay
Amar Priyaplay
Amar Puranplay
Amar RoopplayAmar-roop
Amar Sadhanaplay
Amar Sangatplay
Amar Sangeetplay
Amar Sangeetaplay
Amar Saranplay
Amar Saroopplay
Amar Satyaplay
Amar Savitriplay
Amar Seemaplay
Amar Sevaplay
Amar Shaktiplay
Amar Shantiplay
Amar Simranplay
Amar Taranplay
Amar Teraplay
Amrita Adeshplay
Amrita Adiplay
Amrita Ajeetplay
Amrita Akalplay
Amrita Anandplay
Amrita Angadplay
Amrita Ardasplay
Amrita Avtarplay
Amrita Baniplay
Amrita Bhagtiplay
Amrita Bhajanplay
Amrita Bhaktiplay
Amrita Chandraplay
Amrita Darshanplay
Amrita Dasjeetplay
Amrita Dasjotplay
Amrita Daspreetplay
Amrita Daspremplay
Amrita Dayalplay
Amrit Adeshplay
Amrita Devaplay
Amrita Devjeetplay
Amrita Devjotplay
Amrita Devjotiplay
Amrita Devpalplay
Amrita Devpreetplay
Amrita Devpremplay
Amrita Devrajplay
Amrita Dharamplay
Amrita Dhyanplay
Amrita Dyalplay
Amrita Fatehplay
Amrita Gianplay
Amrita Gopalplay
Amrita Hardeepplay
Amrita Hardevplay
Amrita Jaapplay
Amrita Jaapjiplay
Amrita Jagatplay
Amrita Jaideepplay
Amrita Jaspreetplay
Amrit Ajeetplay
Amrita Jodhaplay
Amrita Jotplay
Amrita Jotiplay
Amrit Akalplay
Amrita Kalyanplay
Amrita Kamalplay
Amrita Karamplay
Amrita Karanplay
Amrita Kartarplay
Amrita Kavalyaplay
Amrita Kevalplay
Amrita Kiranplay
Amrita Kiretplay
Amrita Kirtanplay
Amrita Kirtiplay
Amrita Krishanplay
Amrita Lakshmiplay
Amrita Livpremplay
Amrita Livtarplay
Amrita Mahanplay
Amrita Manavplay
Amrita Mandeepplay
Amrita Mandhirplay
Amrita Manjeetplay
Amrita Mantraplay
Amrita Meherplay
Amrita Namplay
Amrita Namjotplay
Amrit Anandplay
Amrit Anandaplay
Amrita Narayanplay
Amrit Angadplay
Amrita Nidhanplay
Amrita Nirbanplay
Amrita Nirmalplay
Amrita Nivasplay
Amrit Anterplay
Amrita Paramplay
Amrita Parvanplay
Amrita Pavanplay
Amrita Prakashplay
Amrita Premplay
Amrita Premdeepplay
Amrita Premjotplay
Amrita Pritamplay
Amrita Pritiplay
Amrita Puranplay
Amrita Rajdeepplay
Amrita Rajpalplay
Amrita Rajpreetplay
Amrita Ramplay
Amrita Ramaplay
Amrita Randeepplay
Amrita Randhirplay
Amrita Raviplay
Amrit Ardasplay
Amrita Sadhanaplay
Amrita Sandeepplay
Amrita Sandeshplay
Amrita Sangatplay
Amrita Sangeetplay
Amrita Sanpreetplay
Amrita Sanpremplay
Amrita Saranplay
Amrita Saraswatiplay
Amrita Satyaplay
Amrita Seemaplay
Amrita Seetalplay
Amrita Shabadplay
Amrita Shaktiplay
Amrita Simranplay
Amrita Siriplay
Amrita Sooryaplay
Amrita Sopurkhplay
Amrita Sukhdevplay
Amrita Sundriplay
Amrita Surjotplay
Amrita Surpreetplay
Amrita Taraplay
Amrita Taranplay
Amrita Tejplay
Amrita Tejaplay
Amrita Tejdeepplay
Amrita Tejpalplay
Amrita Tejpreetplay
Amrita Tejpremplay
Amrita Teraplay
Amrita Tiagaplay
Amrit Atmaplay
Amrita Viriamplay
Amrit Bachanplay
Amrit Baljeetplay
Amrit Baniplay
Amrit Basantplay
Amrit Bhagtiplay
Amrit Bhagwatiplay
Amrit Bhajanplay
Amrit Bhaktiplay
Amrit Chananplay
Amrit Chandplay
Amrit Chanderplay
Amrit Chandraplay
Amrit Charanplay
Amrit Daleepplay
Amrit Dalpremplay
Amrit Darshanplay
Amrit Dasjotplay
Amrit Dasjotiplay
Amrit Daspreetplay
Amrit Daspremplay
Amrit Dassplay
Amrit Dayaplay
Amrit Devaplay
Amrit Deviplay
Amrit Devjeetplay
Amrit Devjotplay
Amrit Devjotiplay
Amrit Devmurtiplay
Amrit Devpalplay
Amrit Devpreetplay
Amrit Devpremplay
Amrit Devtaplay
Amrit Dharamplay
Amrit Fatehplay
Amrit Gianplay
Amrit Giandeepplay
Amrit Gianjotplay
Amrit Gobindplay
Amrit Gobindeplay
Amrit Gopalplay
Amrit Hardeepplay
Amrit Hardeviplay
Amrit Hariplay
Amrit Harnalplay
Amrit Harpalplay
Amrit Harsimranplay
Amrit Inderplay
Amrit Jaapplay
Amrit Jaideepplay
Amrit Jaidevplay
Amrit Jaideviplay
Amrit Jaipreetplay
Amrit Jaipremplay
Amrit Japaplay
Amrit Jasdeepplay
Amrit Jasdeviplay
Amrit Jaskirtiplay
Amrit Jaspreetplay
Amrit Jaspritiplay
Amrit Jaspriyaplay
Amrit Jasteraplay
Amrit Jiwanplay
Amrit Jodhaplay
AmritjotplayAmrit Jot
Amrit Jotdeviplay
Amrit Jotiplay
Amrit Jotpremplay
Amrit Kalyanplay
Amrit Kamalplay
Amrit Karamplay
Amrit Karanplay
Amrit Kartaplay
Amrit Kartarplay
Amrit Kavalyaplay
Amrit Kavitaplay
Amrit Kiretplay
Amrit Kirinplay
Amrit Kirpalplay
Amrit Kirtanplay
Amrit Kirtiplay
Amrit Krishanplay
Amrit Kriyaplay
Amrit Lakhmiplay
Amrit Livjeetplay
Amrit Livjotplay
Amrit Livpritiplay
Amrit Livtarplay
Amrit Mandeepplay
Amrit Mandeviplay
Amrit Manjeetplay
Amrit Manjotiplay
Amrit Manpreetplay
Amrit Manpremplay
Amrit Manterplay
Amrit Mantraplay
Amrit Meherplay
Amrit Miterplay
Amrit Mohanplay
Amrit Mukandeplay
Amrit Namplay
Amrit Namdeepplay
Amrit Namdevplay
Amrit Namjotplay
Amrit Nampreetplay
Amrit Narayanplay
Amrit Navdeepplay
Amrit Navjeetplay
Amrit Navjotplay
Amrit Navpreetplay
Amrit Navpremplay
Amrit Nidhanplay
Amrit Nihalplay
Amrit Nirbanplay
Amrit Nirmalplay
Amrit Nishanplay
Amrit Padmaniplay
Amrit Paramplay
Amrit Pavanplay
Amrit Piaraplay
Amrit Prabhuplay
Amrit Prakashplay
Amrit Premplay
Amrit Premjeetplay
Amrit Pritamplay
Amrit Pritiplay
Amrit Pritpalplay
Amrit Priyaplay
Amrit Puranplay
Amrit Raiplay
Amrit Rajdevaplay
Amrit Ramplay
Amrit Ramaplay
Amrit Randeepplay
Amrit Randeviplay
Amrit Randhirplay
Amrit Raviplay
Amrit Sadhanaplay
Amrit Sahejplay
Amrit Sampuranplay
Amrit Sandeshplay
Amrit Sangeetplay
Amrit Sanpreetplay
Amrit Saraswatiplay
Amrit Saroopplay
Amrit Satyaplay
Amrit Savitriplay
Amrit Seemaplay
Amrit Seetalplay
Amrit Sevaplay
Amrit Sevakplay
Amrit Shantiplay
Amrit Simranplay
Amrit Sitaplay
Amrit Sohanplay
Amrit Sooryaplay
Amrit Subaghplay
Amrit Sukhpreetplay
Amrit Sukhpremplay
Amrit Sunderplay
Amrit Sundertaplay
Amrit Sundriplay
Amrit Surpreetplay
Amrit Swaranplay
Amrit Taranplay
Amrit Tejplay
Amrit Tejaplay
Amrit Tejdeepplay
Amrit Tejpreetplay
Amrit Teraplay
Amrit Tiagaplay
Amrit Vedplay
Amrit Vedyaplay
Amrit Viriamplay
Anadh Deepplay
Anadh Meherplay
Anadh Premplay
Anadh Pritamplay
Anadh Simranplay
Ananda Ajeetplay
Ananda Ardasplay
Ananda Artiplay
Ananda Atmaplay
Ananda Bachanplay
Ananda Baniplay
Ananda Bhagtiplay
Ananda Bhajanplay
Ananda Bhaktiplay
Ananda Chananplay
Ananda Charanplay
Ananda Dalmeetplay
Ananda Darshanplay
Ananda Daspalplay
Ananda Daspremplay
Ananda Dassplay
Ananda Dayalplay
Ananda Devjeetplay
Ananda Devnamplay
Ananda Devpalplay
Ananda Devrajplay
Ananda Devtaplay
Ananda Dhyanplay
Ananda Gopalplay
Ananda Hariplay
Ananda Harpalplay
Ananda Harpreetplay
Ananda Jeetplay
Ananda Jiwanplay
Ananda Jotplay
Ananda Jotiplay
Ananda Kalyanplay
Ananda Kamalplay
Ananda Karamplay
Anand Akashaplay
Ananda Kavitaplay
Ananda Kevalplay
Ananda Kiranplay
Ananda Kiretplay
Ananda Kirpalplay
Ananda Kirtanplay
Ananda Kirtiplay
Ananda Lakhmiplay
Ananda Lakshmiplay
Ananda Livdeepplay
Ananda Mahanplay
Ananda Mantraplay
Anand Amritplay
Anand Amritaplay
Ananda Namjotplay
Ananda Narayanplay
Ananda Nirmalplay
Ananda Padmaniplay
Ananda Preetplay
Ananda Premplay
Ananda Pritamplay
Ananda Pritiplay
Ananda Priyaplay
Ananda Rajdeepplay
Ananda Rajpreetplay
Ananda Ramplay
Ananda Ramaplay
Ananda Ranjeetplay
Ananda Raviplay
Anand Artiplay
Ananda Sangatplay
Ananda Sangeetplay
Ananda Saranplay
Ananda Satyaplay
Ananda Savitriplay
Ananda Seemaplay
Ananda Seetalplay
Ananda Sevaplay
Ananda Shaktiplay
Ananda Shantiplay
Ananda Shivaplay
Ananda Simranplay
Ananda Simritplay
Ananda Sitaplay
Ananda Sooryaplay
Ananda Tajplay
Anand Atmaplay
Ananda Vedyaplay
Ananda Viriamplay
Anand Baniplay
Anand Bhagatplay
Anand Bhagtiplay
Anand Bhagwatiplay
Anand Bhajanplay
Anand Charanplay
Anand Dalpreetplay
Anand Dalpremplay
Anand Daspreetplay
Anand Daspremplay
Anand Dassplay
Anand Dayaplay
Anand Deepplay
Anand Devaplay
Anand Deviplay
Anand Devjeetplay
Anand Devjotplay
Anand Devjotiplay
Anand Devpalplay
Anand Devpreetplay
Anand Devpremplay
Anand Devtaplay
Anand Dharmaplay
Anand Dyalplay
Anand Fatehplay
Anand Gopalplay
Anand Harbirplay
Anand Hardassplay
Anand Hardevplay
Anand Hardeviplay
Anand Hariplay
Anand Harpalplay
Anand Harpreetplay
Anand Harpremplay
Anand Harpritiplay
Anand Harsimranplay
Anand Indraplay
Anand Jaapplay
Anand Jaideepplay
Anand Jaidevplay
Anand Jaipreetplay
Anand Jaipremplay
Anand Japaplay
Anand Jaspreetplay
Anand Jiwanplay
Anand Jodhaplay
Anand Jotiplay
Anand Jotpalplay
Anand Kalyanplay
Anand Kamalplay
Anand Karamplay
Anand Kartaplay
Anand Kavalyaplay
Anand Kevalplay
Anand Kirinplay
Anand Kirpalplay
Anand Kirtanplay
Anand Krishanplay
Anand Kriyaplay
Anand Lakhmiplay
Anand Lakshmiplay
Anand Livjotplay
Anand Livpreetplay
Anand Livpremplay
Anand Meherplay
Anand Mehtabplay
Anand Namplay
Anand Narayanplay
Anand Navpreetplay
Anand Nihalplay
Anand Nirmalplay
Anand Onkarplay
Anand Padmaniplay
Anand Pavanplay
Anand Prakashplay
Anand Pritamplay
Anand Pritiplay
Anand Pritpalplay
Anand Priyaplay
Anand Puranplay
Anand Qurbanplay
Anand Radhaplay
Anand Rajdevplay
Anand Ramplay
Anand Randevplay
Anand Randhirplay
Anand Raviplay
Anand Sadhanaplay
Anand Sandeshplay
Anand Sangeetplay
Anand Sangeetaplay
Anand Saraswatiplay
Anand Saroopplay
Anand Satyaplay
Anand Savitriplay
Anand Seemaplay
Anand Seetalplay
Anand Sevakplay
Anand Shamaplay
Anand Simranplay
Anand Simritplay
Anand Siriplay
Anand Sitaplay
Anand Sukhdevplay
Anand Sukhmaniplay
Anand Sukhpreetplay
Anand Sukhpremplay
Anand Sunderplay
Anand Sundriplay
Anand Surjeetplay
Anand Tajplay
Anand Taraplay
Anand Taranplay
Anand Tejplay
Anand Tejdeepplay
Anand Tejpreetplay
Anand Teraplay
Anand Tiagaplay
Anand Vedyaplay
Anant Prakashplay
Anant Roopplay
Anant Tekplay
Angad Amritaplay
Angad Bachanplay
Angad Bahadurplay
Angad Baniplay
Angad Dyalplay
Angad Gianplay
Angad Jotplay
Angad Jotiplay
Angad Kavalyaplay
Angad Kirtiplay
Angad Namplay
Angad Padmaniplay
Angad Priyaplay
Angad Puranplay
Angad Qurbanplay
Angad Radhaplay
Angad Ramaplay
Angad Raviplay
Angad Sangeetplay
Angad Sangeetaplay
Angad Saraswatiplay
Angad Satyaplay
Angad Savitriplay
Angad Sevaplay
Angad Shaktiplay
Angad Shantiplay
Angad Shivaplay
Angad Simranplay
Angad Siriplay
Angad Taranplay
Angad Tejaplay
Angad Teraplay
Anoop Jotplay
Anoop Namplay
Anoop Premplay
Anter Deviplay
Anter Gianplay
Anter Prakashplay
Anter Premplay
Aradhana Ardasplay
Aradhana Deviplay
Aradhana Gianplay
Aradhana Preetplay
Aradhana Pritiplay
Aradhana Priyaplay
Aradhana Simritplay
Ardas Akalplay
Ardas Amritplay
Ardas Amritaplay
Ardas Anandplay
Ardas Anandaplay
Ardas Angadplay
Ardas Atmaplay
Ardas Bachanplay
Ardas Baniplay
Ardas Beantplay
Ardas Bhagatplay
Ardas Bhagtiplay
Ardas Bhavanplay
Ardas Chananplay
Ardas Chanderplay
Ardas Charanplay
Ardas Dalpreetplay
Ardas Darshanplay
Ardas Dayaplay
Ardas Deviplay
Ardas Devpreetplay
Ardas Devpremplay
Ardas Devtaplay
Ardas Dharamplay
Ardas Dhyanplay
Ardas Dyalplay
Ardas Gianplay
Ardas Gopalplay
Ardas Hardeepplay
Ardas Hardeviplay
Ardas Harjotplay
Ardas Harjotiplay
Ardas Harnalplay
Ardas Harpalplay
Ardas Harpreetplay
Ardas Harpremplay
Ardas Jiwanplay
Ardas Jotiplay
Ardas Kavalyaplay
Ardas Kavitaplay
Ardas Kirpalplay
Ardas Kirtanplay
Ardas Livjeetplay
Ardas Livjotiplay
Ardas Manpreetplay
Ardas Manpremplay
Ardas Mantraplay
Ardas Mehtabplay
Ardas Nampreetplay
Ardas Nampriyaplay
Ardas Nirmalplay
Ardas Nishanplay
Ardas Padmaniplay
Ardas Pavanplay
Ardas Premplay
Ardas Pritiplay
Ardas Priyaplay
Ardas Puranplay
Ardas Ramaplay
Ardas Randeepplay
Ardas Ranpreetplay
Ardas Raviplay
Ardas Sadhanaplay
Ardas Sandeepplay
Ardas Sangeetplay
Ardas Savitriplay
Ardas Sevaplay
Ardas Shaktiplay
Ardas Shantiplay
Ardas Shivaplay
Ardas Simranplay
Ardas Subaghplay
Ardas Teraplay
Ardas Tiagaplay
Ardas Vedyaplay
Arjan Akalplay
Arjan Bhagtiplay
Arjan Daspreetplay
Arjan Daspremplay
Arjan Dassplay
Arjan Dayaplay
Arjan Dayalplay
Arjan Devplay
Arjan Devaplay
Arjan Deviplay
Arjan Devjotplay
Arjan Devjotiplay
Arjan Devpreetplay
Arjan Devpremplay
Arjan Devpriyaplay
Arjan Devrajplay
Arjan Devtaplay
Arjan Dhyanplay
Arjan Dyalplay
Arjan Gianplay
Arjan Gobindeplay
Arjan Hardevplay
Arjan Hardeviplay
Arjan Harpalplay
Arjan Jotdeepplay
Arjan Jotiplay
Arjan Kavalyaplay
Arjan Kavitaplay
Arjan Kevalplay
Arjan Kirtiplay
Arjan Kriyaplay
Arjan Lakshmiplay
Arjan Livpreetplay
Arjan Livpremplay
Arjan Mantraplay
Arjan Namplay
Arjan Nihalplay
Arjan Pavanplay
Arjan Piaraplay
Arjan Rajdevplay
Arjan Ramaplay
Arjan Randeepplay
Arjan Raviplay
Arjan Sadhanaplay
Arjan Sangeetplay
Arjan Saraswatiplay
Arjan Satyaplay
Arjan Savitriplay
Arjan Seetalplay
Arjan Sevakplay
Arjan Shaktiplay
Arjan Shantiplay
Arjan Simranplay
Arjan Sitaplay
Arjan Subaghplay
Arjan Sundriplay
Arjan Taraplay
Arjan Tejaplay
Arjan Vedyaplay
Arti Anandaplay
Arti Dalsimranplay
Arti Devaplay
Arti Dyalplay
Arti Gopalplay
Arti Harpreetplay
Arti Harpremplay
Arti Harsimranplay
Arti Kalyanplay
Arti Narayanplay
Arti Pavanplay
Arti Premplay
Arti Priyaplay
Arti Saranplay
Arti Sevaplay
Arti Simranplay
Arti Sundriplay
Arvind Gianplay
Arvind Hariplay
Arvind Jotiplay
Arvind Namplay
Arvind Raviplay
Arvind Shantiplay
Ashar Preetplay
Atma Adeshplay
Atma Adiplay
Atma Ajeetplay
Atma Amritaplay
Atma Anandplay
Atma Angadplay
Atma Ardasplay
Atma Bahadurplay
Atma Baniplay
Atma Basantplay
Atma Bhagatplay
Atma Bhagwatiplay
Atma Bhajanplay
Atma Birpremplay
Atma Chanderplay
Atma Charanplay
Atma Dalchandplay
Atma Daleepplay
Atma Daljotiplay
Atma Dalmeetplay
Atma Dalpreetplay
Atma Dalsaranplay
Atma Dalsimranplay
Atma Damanplay
Atma Darshanplay
Atma Dasjeetplay
Atma Dasjotplay
Atma Dasjotiplay
Atma Daspalplay
Atma Daspremplay
Atma Daspritiplay
Atma Dayalplay
Atma Deviplay
Atma Devjotplay
Atma Devnamplay
Atma Devpalplay
Atma Devpreetplay
Atma Devpremplay
Atma Devpritiplay
Atma Devpriyaplay
Atma Dharamplay
Atma Dharmaplay
Atma Dhyanplay
Atma Fatehplay
Atma GianplayAtma Gyan
Atma Gobindplay
Atma Gobindeplay
Atma Gopalplay
Atma Hardassplay
Atma Hardeepplay
Atma Hardevplay
Atma Hardeviplay
Atma Hariplay
Atma Harpalplay
Atma Harpreetplay
Atma Harpriyaplay
Atma Harsimranplay
Atma Harsimratplay
Atma Jaidevplay
Atma Jaipremplay
AtmajeetplayAtma Jeet, Atmajit
Atma Jodhaplay
AtmajotplayAtma Jot
Atma Jotdevplay
Atma Jotpalplay
Atma Kalyanplay
Atma Karamplay
Atma Kavalyaplay
Atma Kavitaplay
Atma Kevalplay
Atma Kiretplay
Atma Kirinplay
Atma Kirpalplay
Atma Kirtanplay
Atma Lakshmiplay
Atma Livdeepplay
Atma Livjotiplay
Atma Livpreetplay
Atma Livpremplay
Atma Maheshplay
Atma Manavplay
Atma Mandeepplay
Atma Mandeviplay
Atma Mandhirplay
Atma Manjeetplay
Atma Manpreetplay
Atma Manpremplay
Atma Manpriyaplay
Atma Meherplay
Atma Namplay
Atma Namjotplay
Atma Namjotiplay
Atma Nampalplay
Atma Narayanplay
Atma Navdeepplay
Atma Navjeetplay
Atma Navjotplay
Atma Navpalplay
Atma Navpreetplay
Atma Navpremplay
Atma Nidhanplay
Atma Nirbanplay
Atma Nirbhaoplay
Atma Nirmalplay
Atma Nishanplay
Atma Nivasplay
Atma Paramplay
Atma Pardeepplay
Atma Partapplay
Atma Parvanplay
Atma Piaraplay
Atma Prakashplay
Atma Prembirplay
Atma Premdeepplay
Atma Premdevplay
Atma Premdeviplay
Atma Pritamplay
Atma Pritpalplay
Atma Priyaplay
Atma Raj Deepplay
Atma Rajdevplay
Atma Rajpalplay
Atma Rajpreetplay
Atma Rajpremplay
Atma Ramplay
Atma Ramaplay
Atma Ramdassplay
Atma Rampreetplay
Atma Randeepplay
Atma Randevplay
Atma Randevaplay
Atma Randeviplay
Atma Randhirplay
Atma Ranjeetplay
Atma Ranjotplay
Atma Ranpreetplay
Atma Sadhanaplay
Atma Sampuranplay
Atma Sandeepplay
Atma Sandevplay
Atma Sandeviplay
Atma Sangatplay
Atma Sangeetaplay
Atma Sanpremplay
Atma Sanpritiplay
Atma Sanpriyaplay
Atma Santokhplay
Atma Santoshplay
Atma Saranplay
Atma Saraswatiplay
Atma Savitriplay
Atma Seemaplay
Atma Seetalplay
Atma Sevaplay
Atma Sevakplay
Atma Shaktiplay
Atma Shantplay
Atma Shantiplay
Atma Simranplay
Atma Sooryaplay
AtmasukhplayAtma Sukh
Atma Sukhmaniplay
Atma Sunderplay
Atma Sundriplay
Atma Surdeepplay
Atma Surpreetplay
Atma Tajplay
Atma Taraplay
Atma Tegpalplay
Atma Tejplay
Atma Tejdeepplay
Atma Teraplay
Atma Tiagaplay
Atma Vedyaplay
Atma Viriamplay
Avta Kavitaplay
Avtar Adiplay
Avtar Akalplay
Avtar Anandplay
Avtar Anandaplay
Avtar Angadplay
Avtar Ardasplay
Avtar Bhagatplay
Avtar Bhagwatiplay
Avtar Chananplay
Avtar Chanderplay
Avtar Darshanplay
Avtar Dayaplay
Avtar Devaplay
Avtar Devpreetplay
Avtar Devpremplay
Avtar Dharamplay
Avtar Fatehplay
Avtar Gobindeplay
Avtar Hariplay
Avtar Harpalplay
Avtar Harpremplay
Avtar Indraplay
AvtarjotplayAvtar Jot
Avtar Kalyanplay
Avtar Kartaplay
Avtar Kavalyaplay
Avtar Kevalplay
Avtar Kirinplay
Avtar Kirtanplay
Avtar Kirtiplay
Avtar Krishanplay
Avtar Lakshmiplay
Avtar Manjeetplay
Avtar Mehtabplay
Avtar Namplay
Avtar Nidhanplay
Avtar Nihalplay
Avtar Nirbanplay
Avtar Nirmalplay
Avtar Nishanplay
Avtar Padmaniplay
Avtar Pavanplay
Avtar Pritiplay
Avtar Priyaplay
Avtar Radhaplay
Avtar Rajdeepplay
Avtar Ramplay
Avtar Randeepplay
Avtar Randhirplay
Avtar Ranjotplay
Avtar Raviplay
Avtar Sampuranplay
Avtar Sangatplay
Avtar Sangeetplay
Avtar Sangeetaplay
Avtar Saraswatiplay
Avtar Satyaplay
Avtar Savitriplay
Avtar Seemaplay
Avtar Seetalplay
Avtar Shivaplay
Avtar Simritplay
Avtar Siriplay
Avtar Sitaplay
Avtar Sooryaplay
Avtar Sukhmaniplay
Avtar Taranplay
Avtar Tejaplay
Avtar Teraplay
Avtar Tiagaplay
Avtar Viriamplay