Food Vendors

All food sold must support participants in the experience of Solstice, particularly White Tantric Yoga® and the Solstice cleansing diet.

All food vendors must fill out a Food Vendor Application Form (form will be available on March 1st).

  • Any food products sold must be healthy and free from stimulants such as caffeine and refined sugar. For example, raw cacao is appropriate, but not chocolate.
  • The following items are NOT permitted to be sold at solstice: Kombucha, foods with eggs, foods with any meat products.
  • Only snack-size, prepackaged healthy foods that support the Solstice Sadhana and approved blender drinks that nutritionally supplement the Solstice Diet can be sold at the event.
  • Food Vendor License Required: The only 3HO approved "prepared on-site" foods for sale at Solstice are smoothies and blender drinks. In order to sell food prepared on site, you must have a license to vend in the state. 3HO will require a copy of your state license on file prior to registration.
  • Vendors must provide a list of all ingredients for foods packaged and prepared on-site. There is room on the Bazaar Application Form to do this. No foods with white sugar, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives will be permitted.
  • No food sales are permitted during White Tantric Yoga® or during WTY® breaks. The "no sale" period begins the evening before the fist day of WTY® and ends at the conclusion of day 3 of WTY®. This is a mandate of Humanology & Health Science, providers of White Tantric Yoga® at the Solstice events, and is supported by 3HO Foundation International.